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Gentle Booms Sports

How It All Began
The year was 2000, and the founder of Gentle Booms Sports (GBS) was watching his two children playing in the yard. He suddenly felt like he could do something for his kids. He had been in the knitting tape business for decades before that, so he spent three months making yard toys based on Slackline.After the Ninja Slacker Training Kits were completed, he and his neighbor's kids loved coming to play in his yard. As avid sports themselves, the founder of
GBS based the first product around the ideal Ninja Line for their lifestyle: Safe and easy to use. Every time we improve our products because of some good ideas, but safety is always the first thing we consider.At first we were just a company that manufactured high quality webbing products, but now we are pursuing more:a company that’s passionate about outdoor games, pushing the envelope with innovative products, supporting organizations that help us protect and preserve the outdoors, and celebrating our community members, near and far.

What Matters to Us
GBS is an outdoor company comprised of outdoor enthusiasts – in other words, we love spending time in nature and we know our fellow GBS members do, too.

What We are Doing
GBS is doing more to protect nature than just improving the playability and safety of our products all the time. In order to commit to the cause of sustainable development, we have been working with relevant environmental organizations, and for every set of our products sold, we will plant a sapling.

Where We’re Going
We will continue to make the best outdoor game products and we want to keep making them responsibly.We will continue to improve the playability of our products and develop more toys for outdoor play-all while protecting and preserving the environment through best practices and strategic partnerships.
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