Question:What are the dimensions of the box it’s delivered in?
Answer:The size of our box is: 43.5*17.5*28.5cm

Question:Does someone need to buy both the family obstacle course & extra line? What would be the benefit of having both?
Answer: Are you asking if you need to buy the slack line kit at the same time when purchasing our family obstacle course?If so. No need to buy. Our family obstacle course already contains the same accessories of the slackline kit. The slackline kit is for customers who only need to use the slackline exercise.

Question: My trees are 2.5 ft in circumference and 23 feet apart. Will this product work for me? What is the best hanging ninja product for kids?
Answer: It can be used. Our tree protection is 3.2 feet long. The length of the webbing is 56 feet. It doesn't matter if the product is long. It cannot be shorter than the actual size. That is to say, the size between trees is within 50 feet. There is no problem in using our products.

Question: How high off ground should it be set up
Answer: We suggest that the height is the highest user height + 60cm.
Thank you for your support of our products.

Question:Does this come with 2 slack lines? One for the top to mount the obstacles, and one to walk on?
Answer: We have two slackline. The thick slackline are used for hanging or as slackline alone. When the thin strip is used as a strip alone, it is placed above the thick strip to assist. Plus the auxiliary line, it will help the beginner experience. If it is advanced, it is not necessary to use thin slackline and auxiliary line.If you don't understand what I mean, you can watch the installation video of slackline on our page. This will help you understand.

Question:My trees are 40 feet away from each other is that to far
Answer: Our slackline is 56 feet long. There's nothing wrong with a distance of 40 feet. Please feel free to use.

Question:What is the total weight limit? Thanks!
Answer: Our total weight is 440 pounds.

Question:Can this be left outside permanently or is it meant to be set up temporarily only when needed?
Answer: Our product accessories include wood accessories. Considering that they may be damaged by rain, it is not recommended to keep them outdoors for a long time.Our product installation is simple and convenient. So just install it when you need it.

Question:distance between trees roughly 51', one tree 7' circumference, the other 9-10' circumference. Do I need more material than this kit provides?
Answer:Hi, thank you very much for your support of our products. The distance between our trees is 50 feet. The perimeter of a tree cannot exceed 6 feet. If you exceed this distance, you can contact our email We can customize the length for you.

Question:Can this kit stay outdoors through all kinds of weather? I feel the wood hasn’t been treated so I’m not sure.
Answer:Thank you very much for your support of our products. Yes, wood can't be put in the rain for a long time. Our products are easy to install. It is recommended to install it as you use it.
Have a nice day

Question:What’s the minimum distance you can have between 2 trees for this to work. I think we have about 12 feet? Can we just take off obstacles to work?
Answer:Hi, Glad to see your question.
We have no limit to the minimum distance, as long as you think it's enough to play. The extra tape can be folded up and hung to one side.
12 feet is available, please rest assured.
Thank you for your support of our products.
Have a nice day

Question:My trees are about 6.5" diameter. Will they be strong enough?
Answer:Hi The Diameter of a tree is just a guideline as different tree types have different strengths. The main thing to consider is whether the 2 trees can support a force or weight of about 1000KG/2200LB. If they can the Diameter really is secondary.

Question:What is the minimum distance if we were to use two trees?
There is no specific minimum distance between the trees. The only limitation if your distance between the trees is to short is that you may not be able to fit all hanging accessories at the same time on the Slackline.

Question:Can this be attached to deck and fence post if there are no trees available?
Answer:Hi Yes this can be attached to fence and deck. The main thing you need to ensure is that the Deck and Fence post are strong enough to hold a minimum of 1000kg force. It is very important you ensure they are strong enough.

Question:What is the suggested height off the ground should this be installed?
Answer:Generally between 2 and 2.5meters off the ground. But it is really upto you depending on the hieight of the kids using it and how much clearance you want off the ground. As kids get more and more experienced you can always raise it higher and higher.

Question:Can you adjust the position of the square buckle sets with obstacles without removing tension or taking down the line?
Answer:Buckles will stay in place while a line is under tension and in use. You have to loosen the line first if you want to reposition the buckles.

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