Ninja Line is normally installed between two trees, but what if there are no trees?

Come with me! I have some ideas! There are many ways to install Ninja Line without trees.

 There are some things to look out for when installing ninja line without trees.Be sure you have at least 7 feet clearance . Also, to reiterate, be sure the post is secure in the ground!

 Find something similar to a tree, such as a pillar, pylon, telephone pole, railing, large street sign, etc. Attention! Only use something strong and firm. Shake it with both hands to make sure it's strong enough. Then install the straps and hang the ninja line accessories. Adults checked to ensure safety, children can easily play.Isn't it very simple!


If you're looking for something coarse, use a towel instead of tree protectors. they can reduce the wear of the flat belt.You can make a few more turns to prevent falling.


How to install ninja line without trees?Isn't that easy?Did you get it? You can ask me if you don't understand.